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Rental Policies - Please Read

Please read and make sure you understand the policies for rentals.  They may differ between different types of rentals, so be sure to read general policies and the policies for the unit you are interested in renting.

General Policies

1.  Daily rentals are for an 8-hour period, half day rentals are for a 4-hour period.  Late fees will be charged, no exceptions.

2. Half-day rentals on Friday, Saturday & Sundays are not available for reservation ahead of time.  We will rent for a half day, the day of, if units are available.

3. Units cannot be trailered, you must pick them up by water at our location (13552 Texas Hwy., Many, LA 71449).

4. Overnight rentals are typically not allowed; we consider them on a case-by-case basis.  If this is something you are interested in, please call us at 318-256-8991 and we will consider it, there will be an additional fee, if approved and a larger damage deposit hold is required.

5. A hold will be placed on your credit card to secure the unit returns without damage.  The amount of hold may differ between units, please read the policies under the unit you are interested to know what the hold will be for that unit.  If there is damage, the hold will be captured and not returned until after the damages have been determined and/or repaired.  At that point you will receive only the difference between the cost, the security hold, and any loss rentals we may incur.

6. The units are full of fuel when you get them, you are responsible for the fuel that you use. When the unit returns, we will fuel it up and add that to your costs.  You can return any time during the day for fuel, if needed.

                                                                                  Pleasure Pontoon Policies

1.  Absolutely no fishing is allowed from these boats, pleasure cruising and tubing only.

2.  Tubes are available for rent if needed.

3.  Boats are rated for the amount of people they can carry, be sure to get one big enough for your group.

4.  Life Jackets will be provided for everyone on the boat, up to the maximum number of people allowed on the boat.

5. Pickup times and drop-off times may vary depending on time of year.